This report investigates the emergence of the #5GCoronavirus conspiracy theory through the use of hashtags on Instagram and Twitter. It covers:

  • The origins of the 5G conspiracy theory and how it has been linked to the global pandemic.
  • The real-world, criminal consequences of belief in the theory.
  • How May 3rd has been labelled ‘International burn down a 5G tower’ day.

This report has also been featured in the New Statesman.

We undertook an additional piece of research in May 2020 into calls for direct action to destroy 5G infrastructure centred around ‘International Burn Down a 5G Tower Day’, which was said to take place on May 3rd.

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This report analyses 5G-related searches across different regions of the UK to see the types of terms people were searching for, how this shifted over time, and how searches by region compared to real-world criminal damage against 5G infrastructure.

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