This report details our efforts, in partnership with the Anti-Defamation League, to track and counter US election-related violence and disinformation from September to December 2020. The report details how we used advertising to reach individuals who searched online for violent extremist material and redirect them to non-violent content that exposed the falsehoods of extremist narratives.

Moonshot safeguarded over 34,000 searches related to violence or violence-inciting disinformation related to the election. Their advertising took users to safer content selected to help users disengage from harm – including harm caused by QAnon conspiracy theories. The recommended content was viewed for more than 33 hours in total.

The report includes:

  • Real-world searches broken down by US state and county;
  • Thematic sections on Armed Groups, Conspiracy Theories, Political Violence and Targeted Violence;
  • Analysis of activity on Parler, Telegram, Gab, 4chan, MeWe, MyMilitia, Zello;
  • Coverage of the QAnon community’s worrying suicidal ideation and pivot to anti-vax conspiracies.


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