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Moonshot is a tech-driven solutions provider harnessing the power of the internet for good. We develop new tech and methodologies to expose threats, disrupt malicious actors and protect vulnerable audiences online. We keep the people behind the data in mind, always.

Working to end online harms means making communities, governments and businesses safer, both online and off, around the world. 

Our Services


Moonshot identifies, maps, and provides critical analysis on online harms across the globe. Working in over 30 languages, we combine cutting-edge technology with best-in-class experts from law enforcement, academia, cybersecurity and government. We provide clients with actionable insights on the fast-moving digital threat environment.


Moonshot offers the most advanced online interventions available today. Rooted in evidence, we disrupt malicious actors, counter their messages, and provide services to steer people away from violence. We work with established local support services and intervention partners, including trained counselors, mentors, and community leaders.


We’re trust and safety partners, ready to build tools and methodologies that make platforms safer for all.


We enable governments to understand threats to the public and protect the most vulnerable.

Nonprofit / NGO

Our innovative digital campaigns provide measurable impact for mission-driven organizations.


Our tech improves and accelerates business risk intelligence, giving brands and businesses an edge.

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