We started Moonshot CVE five years ago out of a desire to reach people at risk of violent extremism and provide them with safe alternatives. Three years ago we started to test whether the approaches we developed could be used to understand and counter other harms.

We began to test the application of our technology to reach perpetrators of gender-based violence, human trafficking and purveyors of disinformation. As of 2021, we are now Moonshot, with a new mission statement:

Working to end online harms, applying evidence, ethics, and human rights.

While countering violent extremism will always be our first passion, this new mission encapsulates the remit of the organization as it exists today, and plots a course for the future as we apply our technology, our methods and our tools to counter a range of online harms across the globe, from child sexual exploitation to human trafficking and disinformation.

We’re excited to be on this journey with you all!

—Vidhya Ramalingam and Ross Frenett

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